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  Les cours d'Anglais proposés pour apprendre l'Anglais à votre rythme Minimize


Les Cours d'Anglais que nous proposons vous propose des cours d'anglais individuelles in-situ et à distance, qui vous aideront à améliorer votre Anglais dans des situations professionnelles.

Ces cours vous permettent de réaliser des progrès rapides rendant votre communication en Anglais plus claire, plus précise et plus efficace !!

Voici quelques exemples de programme de formation réalisés:

Effective Networking in English

Practical language skills will be developed in the following areas:

• Learning the right tense forms and the language of referral and follow-up
• Developing  professional language and interpersonal communication
• Using simple and effective writing techniques
• Improving persuasive intonation
• Practising your communication skills in role-plays with guidance and feedback from experienced business trainers

The training objectives are :

• Increase your confidence and perfect the language needed for socialising and networking effectively with business partners from a variety of cultures
• Ensure your meetings and negotiations begin and end effectively
• Maximise your opportunities to build relationships by analysing what makes an effective networker, from your body language and the use of your voice to the language that you choose
• Know how to deal with sensitive issues, e.g. overcoming communication breakdowns or barriers
• Convince people to come round to your way of thinking
• Share ideas and experiences with other professionals

English for Professional Phoning and Email Writing

Practical language skills will be developed in the following areas:

• Key functional language for emails and telephoning 
• Clear and persuasive language   
• Review and consolidation of grammatical accuracy
• The principles of effective writing: clarity, conciseness, consistency, cohesion
• Strategies for developing effective listening skills  
• Cultural awareness

The training objectives for this course are :

• Make phoning and emailing in English simpler and more productive
• Increase your functional vocabularyfor emails and telephoning 
• Improve your English language skills in contexts relevant to your role
• Develop your ability to write clearer and more concise emails more quickly 
• Practise work-related language through relevant role-plays 
• Increase your confidence when dealing with clients and colleagues both face-to-face and on the phone
• Fast track the development in your overall language ability


English for presentations  

Designed for anybody needing to make their Presentations in English more effective and persuasive :

• Defining the objectives of a presentation and evaluating what makes it successful
• Preparing the presentation and organising content - written and visuals
• Building on your skills in making presentations for an English language audience
• Perfecting your skills in making presentations persuasive and effective
• Managing your presentation time effectively
• Presentation delivery - verbal and non verbal
• Pronunciation, intonation and word stress
• Starting and finishing presentations - introducing and concluding
• Inviting comments and questions
• Phrases and techniques for dealing with difficult questions


Effective Communication in Business English

The Effective Communication in Business English course provides intensive English Language training over a 5 day period.
This intensive programme has been specifically designed for people who need to be able to use the language effectively and perform professionally in business in English.

Course content will be drawn from the topics below depending on the needs of participants.

Language Development
• Grammar review and feedback on accuracy
• Fluency development
• Pronunciation
• Key business vocabulary expansion

Business skills
• Taking part in meetings and discussions
• Leading meetings
• Making presentations
• Communicating on the phone and by email
• Negotiating

Role-plays and simulations
• Meeting and discussion role-plays –“putting language into practice”
• Business problems and simulations
• Presentations and negotiations
• Detailed review and feedback

• Socialising and making initial contact with potential clients
• Informal Conversation
• Making small talk

Cultural Awareness
• What is culture?
• How does it affect business?
• Examining your own culture
• Cultural competence
• Do’s and don’ts in international situations
• Building multi-cultural teams
• Preventing conflict


Contactez-nous pour recevoir une offre de formation personnalisée :

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"Honesty pays, but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people."

"I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it."

"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated."

"Everywhere I go I'm asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don't stifle enough of them. There's many a best-seller that could have been prevented by a good teacher."


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  TOP 10 Reasons Minimize


  1. "Anglais lu, écrit, parlé", ça fera bien sur votre CV,

  2. Même votre nièce de 4 ans n'arrête pas de dire 'Let's Go!',

  3. Vous allez impressionner votre entourage en lisant Sophie Kinsella en VO,

  4. Plus vous apprenez l'anglais et plus vous croisez des mots français,

  5. Vous pourrez partager des 'private jokes' avec votre collègues,

  6. Vous pourrez commander un café lors de votre prochain séjour à Palma de Majorque,

  7. Comment ça, ils ne parlent qu'Allemand à Palma ?

  8. Vous allez peut-être trouver l'âme sœur sur facebook (en Australie !)

  9. et enfin comprendre les pubs Eurostar qui passent à la TV,

  10. And "last for not least", don't forget :

                         "English is fun and simple"



Key Benefits to you

• Improving your English language skills in relevant business situations
• Developing your ability to communicate information clearly and effectively
• Building on your skills in making Presentations clearly in English
• Increasing your confidence when dealing with clients and colleagues in English
• Helping you function more effectively in social and informal situations
• Improving your awareness of Cross Cultural issues
• Fast tracking the development in your overall language ability

Who should attend ?

• Business professionals working in international environments or multinational companies, who deal with people from all over the world, such as clients, partners and colleagues;
• Business people new to working in multicultural teams;
• Professionals wanting to improve their communication skills
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